American Kratom Association – Who’s AKA?

Kratom, also known as Mitragyna Speciosa, is a medicinal herb that primarily began to grow in South East Asia. Now, it grows at a larger level in Thailand, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, and other countries that are surrounded by Pacific Rim.

Those, who frequently make use of kratom, might have come across this acronym i-e AKA. AKA abbreviates as the American Kratom Association. The question that arises in your mind over here is: what does this organization do and what are its achievements so far?

 So, let’s go straight into it!

American Kratom Association

What is American Kratom Association?

AKA came into being in 2014 and got launched in 2016. It consists of a group of people that unite together to work for a single aim. Being a non-profit (it uses its surplus, that is gained through different revenues to achieve its objectives) organization based on the consumer. AKA is exempt from paying taxes as it is a non-profit organization. With the help of its total welfare, it aims to re-establish the consumer’s access towards kratom. It also aims at protecting and preserving the right of consumers of the United States of America.

AKA claims that all the consumers have a right to opt for choices related to their standards of living and well-being.  The question that arises over here is: How they do this?

AKA believes that kratom can benefit many consumers because of its medicinal properties. This association is currently working on the organization and representation of the group of loyal consumers. They are providing information and clarification related to health and wellness matters and how kratom strains can help in achieving them.

AKA also educate regulators and lawmakers and support the efforts regarding scientific research. That was all about their vision, now let’s talk about what goals they have to achieve.

Focal Goals of American Kratom Association

AKA aims at achieving five core goals. We will talk about each plan briefly.

  • To provide continuous support to consumers, AKA has this belief that the necessities of the consumers are often being neglected or taken for granted by political and private parties of the USA. They want to change this mindset and be supportive of their consumers.
  • To bring awareness at the global level, AKA wants to demonstrate optimum use and practical knowledge about kratom and its legislations worldwide.
  • To educate people about kratom, this botanical plant is a natural alternative for so many conditions. AKA wants to educate everyone about this so that everyone can live up the benefits that kratom offers.
  • To make the voices be overheard, every American has a hidden story behind, suppressed inside. AKA aims to help these people by letting their voices be heard at a larger level and bring confidence among them.
  • To protect the natural resources, As we already know that kratom is unique about its medicinal properties and is an essential natural resource for all of us. Hence, AKA aims to provide support for the assured harvesting and re-implantation techniques for kratom.

There is no doubt about AKA’s continuous efforts for kratom and its use at the global level. They have seen some ups and downs as well. Due to anecdotal and scientific misrepresentation about kratom, AKA is going through certain challenges. Let’s talk about it!

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Labelling Kratom

Dr Gottlieb (former commissioner of food and drugs) had put forward this inference about kratom that it reflects the withdrawal symptoms. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)  accepted this “novel” claim and made its use illegal in the United States.

Later, the FDA claimed that kratom is an unapproved and this claim has been debunked several times by various researchers (Raffa et al., 2018). Although many kratom consumers mainly use kratom to self-wean themselves, that does not make this medicinal herb harmful even if it’s after-effects are similar to an substances (Boyer, Babu, Macalino & Campton, 2007).

Just like Punarnava Himalaya (an Indian herb) helps with the condition of jaundice and general fever, still, it does not mean that its composition is the same as that of other drugs used for the same purpose (Bhowmik, Sampath, Srivastava, Paswan & Sankar, 2012). You see, there lies a difference and, I am sure you have got it. That was all about it. AKA is currently giving its best in retaining the value of this precious herb, and they will indeed get done with it sooner or later.

AKA has come far away, achieving various milestones and thriving to earn more as well. Let’s see what they have achieved so far.

Achievements of American Kratom Association

AKA has achieved the milestones that were not possible to meet if there was a lack of motivation and sincerity among the team, AKA. Let’s get into the achievements AKA has accomplished:

Initiative Of GMP Compliance Program For The Safety Of Kratom

GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practice and AKA has initiated this program for testing, securing, and improving the quality and credibility of the kratom for vendors, who later sell it in the United States of America. It is essential to test the standards of kratom beforehand, and the GMP program does that pretty well. Have a look at the report of our latest lab-testing here.

The reason behind creating this program was to secure the kratom for its originality. It is contaminated in many ways because of improper testing practices and manufacturing processes that were unreliable. These products are sold to the USA’s public, and these contaminations created great confusion for the originality of kratom, and people started inspecting it as something very DANGEROUS. These defective products were presenting the industry of kratom, and that’s why it was forbidden to use it.

Therefore, this program is created, to secure the natural kratom and refrain the consumers from contaminating it.

This program makes sure that kratom has been handled in a reliably. Manufacturers are obliged to clear an official audit to become AKA’s vendor that is GMP-qualified. This audit includes the guidelines that must be followed by the manufacturers; otherwise, they won’t be allowed to do business out of it.

To Get Rid of the Ban by Educating the General Public of the USA

AKA has this belief that those consumers that are doubtful about the administration of kratom should be provided with information based on truth and facts. That will help them decide if kratom should be in their go-to list or not! For this purpose, they are continuously releasing materials based on educating people about kratom. These materials are provided to consumers, sellers, suppliers, government agencies, and law-making bodies.

With the help of the official website of AKA and educational materials, most of the misconceptions related to kratom among locals are clarified. The webpage focuses on the latest findings of the kratom, and as a result, how these findings may create an impact on the industrial level.

Want to learn more about kratom? Go and pay a visit to the science section of AKA’s website. Additionally, you can also consider joining the forum community on AKA’s website if you want to talk about it with other community members.

Kratom Consumer Protection Act

AKA and its advocates run this act. Its current implementation is at the state level in the USA. Once the state approves the kratom Consumer Protection Act, the rights and safety of the consumers will be assured. This little piece of legislation is formulated to provide these two benefits to the consumers:

  • Legal purchase of kratom.
  • Prohibit the export of hazardous and contaminated kratom that is unsafe.

As there are fewer rules and regulation systems for this medicinal herb; hence, it is at risk of being used in the form of contaminated kratom products. It is difficult to differentiate if it is safe to have it or not. For this reason, the act is helping big time in contradiction to the ban put forward to eliminate the contaminated kratom products from the industry.

Certain terms that are already set forth by AKA for this act, but these may differ across the states, as every state has its legislation at the individual level.

Anyways, the key points will have clear information regarding the below-mentioned points.

 Let’s get into the main key points of this act:

  • To give a proper definition to kratom.
  • Necessitates sellers, vendors, and creators conform to the certain labelling requirements of the product that is being sold.
  • Specific kratom products are prohibited from selling according to the act.
  • Those who will violate the rules would have to meet the penalties.
  • Registration based kratom production will be allowed.
  • Requires following the standards that are given by the Department of Agriculture and Food regarding the manufacturing and selling of kratom.

You can witness over here that these rules or protocols will gain the trust of kratom consumers and they will recognize that they are not at risk whenever they purchase or use the original kratom product (that has no contaminations). This act has been passed by Utah, Georgia, Arizona, and Oregon. The act is also making sure that the legal kratom’s export continues in Indonesia. If ever, the supply chain is cut, the vendors and consumers will suffer big time!

Expanding the Safe Use of the Kratom

It is estimated by AKA that around 15 million local Americans make use of the kratom in a much safer way that adds up to their health and well-being. AKA is representing the interest of these loyal consumers, even if they are unaware of AKA’s existence!

The use of the kratom is becoming stronger and safer each year, that’s because of the advocacy, support, education, and the resources that are provided by AKA at the community level. AKA is committed to expanding the safe use of the kratom in other states as well, and that will come to reality one day!

Loyal Consumers helped AKA with pushing the ban

AKA has thrived to protect the kratom for its consumers, and that was not possible without the ongoing and endless help of their loyal consumers. These consumers have helped AKA propel judicial victories in different parts of America. Vendors have funded big amounts for running different projects. Some of these projects had to be researched; others were related to making visits to Indonesia.

Lastly, support for promoting the contracts was provided by the consumers for protecting the legal kratom sales. Kratom couldn’t be made legal without the endless support of its consumer, making it legal. There’s no doubt that it’s a loyal partnership among them.

These consumers and vendors have been appreciated by AKA that have helped with protecting the kratom because they know how vital kratom is with saving lives!

That was all about the achievements of AKA so far.

Lastly, we will discuss the mere truth about kratom and how it is protected with the help of the researches.

The Truth About The Novel Kratom

As we already know, the Food and Drug Administration issued several warnings about Kratom in 2017. They identified roundabout 44 deaths as the effect of Kratom on the consumer. Still, none of these deaths occurred due to natural kratom, rather, these were the result of contaminating kratom with intoxicating substances, for example, alcohol, benzodiazepines, gabapentin, and some other medicines, like, cough syrup (NIDA website). AKA follows the rules set forth by FDA for extracting and refining the kratom.

Kratom is neither a drug nor a substance, although, its alkaloids have the same effect on brain receptors just like other pain killers (Hemby, Mclentosh, Leon, Cutler, & McCurdy, 2019).

The research explains that Kratom can be used as an alternative abuse and can help consumers with withdrawal (Yue, Kopajtic & Katz, 2018).

AKA supports all the law enforcement efforts for eliminating the use of contaminated kratom. FDA has failed to understand the fundamental composition of kratom and how it is unfair to label kratom.

IN A Nut Shell

AKA’s mission to protect the medicinal herb kratom has been through many struggles, and they have great support from their enthusiasts. FDA will, over time, realize that this medicinal herb is of great importance and its abuse can be eradicated if they will show positive support to AKA. That was all about it!

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