Buy Best Kratom Strains Online In 2022

As you set out to search for the best kratom strain, you must understand that every individual has unique physiological factors. Kratom impact on every individual depends on their mass, height, weight, tolerance, and method of intake.

A strain might be useful for you while it may not suit your closed one. Similarly, every kratom strain has unique effects. Finding the best kratom is a tricky search, even for regular users.

We cannot create a direct ranking that may suit everyone, but let’s assess various kratom types so you may choose the one that suits you most.

After establishing the fact that kratom is not the same for everyone, we can take a look at the top-performing kratom strains that are good for beginners.

The strongest kratom strains are not necessarily the best for everyone. Every individual has unique health conditions and requires one that energizes them despite their health conditions.

How To Choose The Right Kratom Strain?

You have decided to start your journey with kratom; you might get overwhelmed with the numerous choices! However, as you learn more about these choices — things get simpler.

The various strains of kratom have unique characteristics according to the soil, and climatic conditions of various places where they are cultivated. The colour of the vein also adds to the unique properties of every strain.

Resultantly, the different vein colours of the plant leaf from the same origin are also different from each other. Based on the impact of each vein colour, some effects have become standardized. For instance, it is known that red vein strains are strong and have a long-lasting impact. The green vein kratom is milder yet stimulating.

Potential users can read about the impact of various stains to choose one that suits their problems the most. Selecting the right product can be a personal choice. However, the strain must suit your requirements.

Here are a few simple steps to follow:

Gain knowledge of various strains

Mitragyna Speciosa leaf has three primary vein colours. The red, green and white colour vein has distinct properties. Pick the strain that has suitable effects. Potential users and beginners should find out about the available types of ketum before ordering.

Quality of kratom

Only purchase fresh and potent kratom strains. Several substandard and fake vendors sell old and expired kratom. Moreover, you may find contamination such as water, dust or mould in old kratom products.

To avoid usage of poor-quality ketum every user should buy from authentic online shops, or trusted vendors only. Every user must know that freshness of ketum implies that alkaloids are active and potent.


Along with specific characteristics of each strain, such as quality and vein colour, the dosage also adds to your ketum experience.

Given that different body statistics have unique requirements, the dosage of kratom is different for each individual. You must start with a small amount and increase it to find a sweet spot. Starting with a high dosage is not recommended.

Method of Use

Toss and wash, pills, kratom tea, gummies or kratom liquid tincture? Which product is best for you? While the mode of consumption is a personal choice, some methods are fast-acting and long-lasting. For example, kratom tincture is concentrated and has more alkaloids than other products.

Kratom Strain Colors

The diverse world of Kratom colors, regions, and strains is mind-spinning, to say the least. And the sky-rocketing hype has only made things complicated. Today, the industry is flooded with a host of new vendors as the demand for the supplement has escalated by several folds. Plus with the scientific advancements and research, new strains and products keep hitting the scene every now and then.

With the plethora of strains, colors, variants, and regions from different brands, it is difficult to keep pace with the information. This holds especially true for people who are eager to learn and benefit from this miraculous all-healing herb.

The dilemma: most people are clueless as to what strain will best suit their needs. 

Unlike other herbs or medicines, Kratom is a complex herb with dynamic chemical composition and contradicting effects. At lower doses, it boasts simulative powers and at higher sedatives. Thus, buying the best strain is key to enjoying a fantastic experience.

One way of developing a profound understanding is through a strains chart that will essentially highlight the primary differences and similarities between all strains.

First things first: What Is A Strains Chart?

The concept of charts have been around since centuries – as far back as the 1700s. However, it wasn’t until the 20th century when they became more common. Today, these are widely used by scientists, financiers, government bodies and educationists to display vital information in a more comprehensible manner.

Likewise, a Kratom strains chart is a brief guide highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the different kratom varieties. This will help you narrow down your search from the myriad options available.

Searching for the best Kratom Strains Table or Chart?

Here is one for you!

Happy Reading

The Four Kratom Strain Colors

Let’s begin with knowing the Four Primary Colors of Kratom strains which are consistently available across all regions. There are three natural and one man-made. All are distinguished and named by the color of the Central Vein running in each leaf.  So, let’s quickly go over the basic properties of each:

1) White Vein

White color appears at the beginning of Kratom’s lifecycle during which the plant is low in alkaloid content. As such, they form a perfect energy booster that packs a zestful punch. Whether you have it as a coffee/tea replacement in the morning or evening, it will make sure you go from one task to another without pause.

2) Green Vein

The green color appears in the middle of the cycle and so is extremely mild in nature- floating between the white and the red. It promises to offer the best of both worlds; a perfect balance between stimulation with peace.

3) Red Vein

As the plant matures, the leaves tend to have a Red focal vein. The alkaloid concentration is at its peak during this duration. The primary indole alkaloid, Mitragynine, acts as an antagonist that binds with the mu-opioid receptors in the brain to render matchless relaxation and sedation.

4)   Yellow or Gold Kratom

A relatively new and man-made version of Kratom, the Yellow or Gold strains are the most potent and strongest to date. They are created through a special drying technique, called Grafting where the traditional red or white strains undergo intensive drying under controlled conditions to concentrate the alkaloids.

Kratom Strains By Region

Do you know most Kratom varieties currently available are named after their respective origins of growth?

Therefore, anyone can easily discern the source area from the name. As Kratom is a plant native to Southeast Asian regions, most of the strains bear Asian names. Following we have outlined the most common ones:

1) Bali Kratom

Bali is an Indonesian Island famous as a tourist destination. Boasting a rainforest climate, mineral-rich soil and rugged terrain perfect for Kratom growth, it comes as no surprise that the region is one of the largest exporters of the herb. 

2) Malaysian or Malay Kratom

Malaysia is one of the oldest and top producers of Kratom. Till date, its original Malay strain is a top-favorite of Kratom aficionados across the globe for its unrivaled purity and potency.

3) Indonesian or Indo Kratom

As the largest Kratom producers for both local and International Market, Indonesia is proud of its supreme quality Kratom supplements manufactured with strict adherence to international standards.

4) Thailand

It is believed that Thailand was one of the first nations to introduce Kratom use to the rest of the world. Even today, the fast-developing country takes pride in its massive Kratom production.

5) Sumatra Kratom

This largest Indonesian Island and the sixth-largest in the world is also quite popular for its Kratom plantation.

Other Regions:

6) Hulu
7) Sunda
8) Vietnam
9) Horn
10) Ketapang
11) Jongkong
12) Borneo and many more

Most Popular Kratom Strains By Colors

After thorough research and countless efforts, we have come up with the following list of the hottest Kratom strains.

White Maeng DaThis undoubtedly tops the list as the most energizing strains of all times. Green Maeng Da is an excellent coffee replacement that offers energy and productivity boost without the over-stimulation typical to the latter. As such, it is the go-to Kratom product of working professionals, athletes and gurus. The latest scientific research reveals that White Maeng Da is rich in alkaloids including 7-hydroxymitragynine, mitragynine, and mitraphylline as compared to the other strains.1 to 2 grams
Green Maeng DaProduced through grafting, Green Maeng Da is an all-rounded strain that promises a beautiful blend of energy boost and relief. It works similar to Green Bali but lends a much more pronounced impact by activating the adrenergic receptors in the brain. One user claimed “Green Maeng Da is great and is commonly known as being consistent and effective. Definitely sensations of sedation, relaxation and all around well-being”.1 to 2.5 grams
Red Maeng DaDubbed as the King of all Reds, it acts as a meditative relief like no other. In the words of a Reddit User “I love reds. My favorite red strains is Maeng da. Really any color vein that is Maeng Da is always amazing, imo.”1 to 2 grams
Yellow/Gold Maeng DaUser reviews suggest that Maeng Da Gold works remarkably well in increasing alertness for up to 6 hours. Besides, fans also sing praises of its exceptional potency.1 to 2 grams
White BaliFeaturing the most tantalizing aroma, White Bali is famous for offering a perfect balance of flavonoids. It shares a stark resemblance to White Borneo, White Sumatra and White Horn Speciosa, and is sure to spark up your boost levels, and focus.1 to 2 grams
Green BaliThis is one of the most sought-after variants of Bali throughout the world for its superior dual impact with tranquility. Users claim that Green Bali works wonders to suppress appetite. Plus, the effect last for an impressively prolonged duration of up to 6 hours.1 to 2.5 grams
Red BaliRed Bali has impressed the Kratom Community with its strong sedative and relaxating powers that last for 4 to 6 hours. Besides, consumers are in love with its mellow vibes which is an excellent way to relax and wind you down into a peaceful slumber.1 to 2 grams
Gold BaliUsers vouch for Gold Bali’s immense therapeutic potential. Indeed, there is no denying that Bali Yellow Kratom features an impressive calming and peaceful sensation.1 to 2 grams
Red BentuangieA relatively new strain in the world of Kratom, Red Bentuangie has managed to garner unprecedented attention due to its superior impact that also lasts longer than most strains. From its magnificent aroma to rich alkaloid content, and mood-enhancement abilities, this one definitely outshines the crowd.1 to 2 grams
Disclaimer: All the information herein is an educational guide designed for those unfamiliar with Kratom. By no means, it represents any claims being made about Kratom products sold by SNB. Rather the description here is based on real-life user experiences and anecdotes shared by the Reddit Kratom Community Members and other online Kratom Forums.

Other Popular Kratom Colors 

Here are some more common colors from the diverse Kratom family.

Green MalayAn excellent start for beginners, this mild strain is one of the most widely-used Greens known for their effects. Besides, the high concentration of alkaloids promises a smooth delivery of impact that stays for the longest- 6 hours or so. In the words of a Reddit Member, “Malay Green is my favorite vein color for this strain.”2 to 3 grams
White IndoWhite Indonesian is a perfect everyday morning kratom with a rich earthy aroma. Constituting as high as 25 chemical compounds, the impact won’t fade away for as long as 5 hours. reports that consumers will observe an improved performance, increased alertness, mood boost, and renewed hope to put up with the everyday challenges.1.5 to 2 grams
Green IndoGreen Indo is deemed as the most successful of all Greens on the list- promising a wonderful mix of relief and energy boost in one powder. In the opinion of Reddit members, the strain elevates cognitive behavior and fuel their energy and concentration levels. Hence, it forms a solid choice for working professionals, students and those with stressful jobs.  2 to 3 grams
Red IndoRed Indo is like a classic tame version of the potent Reds providing mild relief, relaxation and sedation.2 to 3 grams
White ThaiDo you prefer the refreshing Whites over the relaxing Reds? It will allow you to focus more on the important stuff, and put a hearty smile on your face.1 to 3 grams
Green ThaiThe use of Green Thai forms an integral part of the ancient Thai culture. Yes. The exotic herb has been making rounds and changing lives since centuries. To date, its use is widely resorted as an effective mood-lifting and high feeling.2 to 3 grams
Red ThaiLet relief wash over you after a long grueling day with the enchanting Red Thai. However, some users prefer to enjoy blending this mild strain with another for an extra oomph. For instance, a Reddit member shared his experience; “I’ve enjoyed 50/50 red and green strains. Right now I’m enjoying Red Thai and green Indo.2 to 3 grams  
Gold ThaiElegant. Finely textured. Aromatic. Rare. Gold Thai is packed with alkaloids just like Gold Maeng Da. Buy now and experience a delightful mixed-state of ‘waking-dreaming’ with one foot in dreamland and the other in the real world. Besides, consumers can expect elevation in mood, concentration, euphoria and focus1 to 2 grams
White BorneoWhite Borneo is a uniquely high quality white strain of kratom. It is well-acclaimed for its long lasting all-rounded set of effects, including mood boost, increased motivation, and focus. However, it is not as euphoric as the White Thai.2 to 3 grams
Green BorneoThe versatile Green Borneo takes the typical relieving properties of a red strain and adds a nice energetic kick of a traditional White. (Thanks to its unique alkaloid profile.) Kratom aficionados comment that the effects of this exquisite Kratom also increases high drive.2 to 3 grams
Red BorneoThe third most sought after red breed in the herbal market, Red Borneo stands prominent among Kratom users as one of the best mild strains for relaxation.1 to 2 grams
White SumatraA celebrity-approved morning Kratom, White Sumatra is said to offer its users an even bigger boost of energy than others. Now, bring the longest lasting effects (you can ever think of) into the equation. This pretty much summarizes the magnificence of White Sumatra.1 to 2 grams
Green SumatraTry Green Sumatra if you wish to rejuvenate your soul and amp up your spirits like never before. The combination of alkaloids will create a long lasting milder effect which is guaranteed to take you from workout to office to late night partying.2 to 3 grams
Red SumatraTake your health and wellness to another level with the divine Red Sumatra Speciosa. Beholding all the typical red kratom features, it is also one of the world’s best natural sources of powerful antioxidants.1 to 2 grams
Disclaimer: All the information herein is an educational guide designed for those unfamiliar with Kratom. By no means, it represents any claims being made about Kratom products sold by SNB. Rather the description here is based on real-life user experiences and anecdotes shared by the Reddit Kratom Community Members and other online Kratom Forums.

Most Popular Kratom Extract Strains

Following, we have shed light on some popular Kratom extracts sold in the market. Since, extracts are a very potent and pure liquid form of the herb, the dosage must always be kept in control – a gram or even less when mixed with powdered leaf.

Gold Reserve Extract It is produced by further concentrating the alkaloids in the gold leaf to revitalize the soul and calm the senses. A fan very nicely put it in the words; ”There is no better kratom on Earth. I’ve been buying the Kratom Gold Reserve extract for almost 2 years now, weekly. You will not find a better or higher quality anywhere. It’s very very potent and works wonders.”1 gram or less
Platinum Liquid Extract The extract will get all your expectations fulfilled from a kratom product with its gripping and fascinating experience. Constituting 80% Mitragynine extract, it is considered the cream of the crop and became a best-seller in no time. A review by Zoe G. stated “This extract really helps me relax and calm my muscles. When needed I’ll put a drop in my tea.”1 gram or less
ISOL-8 ExtractISOL-8 is an outlier that marks a wonderful start to your day. It packs a punch to offer a unique twist to your routine morning coffee or tea and lends an unimaginable pick-me-up.1 gram or less
Natural Enhanced White Sumatra Now start your day with the right extract, the Enhanced Sumatra White Kratom made by pure 90% alkaloid extraction. It will help you achieve a mind-blowing boost with its caffeine-like punch. 1 gram or less
Ultra Enhanced Indo The most euphoric extract, UEI is a seamless introduction to the flow with its full range impact including relief, boost and relaxation. Besides, the extract is sure to perform wonders if you are a socially awkward bird or an introvert by mustering up your confidence. In the words of Christian M. “Hands down the strongest of all products.”1 gram or less
Ultra Enhanced Maeng DaEverything you rave about the Maeng Das can now be unleashed in its highly potent extract form. It will help you stay motivated and active during the long working hours before your stamina or concentration takes nose-dive.1 gram or less
Ultra Enhanced Red KaliThe extract is a potent version of the classic Red Kali made by blending pure alkaloids. Users will not only relish the distinct flavor and unforgettable aroma but also will be able to embrace life with peace.1 gram or less
Disclaimer: All the information herein is an educational guide designed for those unfamiliar with Kratom. By no means, it represents any claims being made about Kratom products sold by SNB. Rather the description here is based on real-life user experiences and anecdotes shared by the Reddit Kratom Community Members and other online Kratom Forums.

4 Best Kratom Strains For Beginners & Experienced Ones

The wide variety of ketum offers excellent choices for beginners as well as regular users.

Best Kratom Strains For Beginners

Every user must try a few strains before deciding which one is best. The trial of various kratom types will help understand the alkaloid balance and your body reactions.

According to the majority of kratom user experiences, we have listed the various kratom types that beginners must pick:

1. White Sumatra Kratom

Wouldn’t you like a natural botanical that invigorates your senses and enhance productivity? Sumatra kratom products contain the fresh and potent alkaloids from juicy fresh leaves of mature Sumatra kratom trees.

Sumatra kratom possesses the same enigma and diversity as its homeland. Diversity of impact is due to the varying body types and health conditions of users. Every kratom variation impacts users uniquely, so won’t you like to try some of Sumatran ketum to see how it impacts you?

Super Natural Botanicals goes an extra mile to import only the best, and healthiest ketum leaves from the elevated islands of Sumatra. This kratom type is refreshing and energizing, and a small amount will improve your daily routine in many ways.

Our partner farmers cultivate the red, green, and white vein plants on all-natural farms in Sumatra. We process these leaves to produce the best products available online. You can try this variation in different types of products!

Our loyal customers share their reviews for everyone so that you can decide which vein color will suit you most. You will definitely find some strong recommendations for our Sumatra kratom products!

2. Green Sulawesi Kratom

Green Sulawesi kratom is considered the middle road as it is not as strong as a red vein, and not as high as white strain. This strain originates in Indonesia and has a unique composition of alkaloids and terpenes depending on the climate of Indonesia.

The natural farms, irrigated with rainwater, produce potent and refreshing ketum. Indo kratom comes from the plane farms of Indonesia, that can help revitalizes and refreshes you like your morning coffee.

For beginners, the green Sulawesi strains are a good choice as you feel refresh without the strong impact or euphoric feeling that the other vein colours might cause.

3. Red Bali Kratom 

One of the most popular kratom types is the Red Bali Kratom, which not only invigorates the senses but also helps regulate cycles by tranquillizing the nerves and balancing the organ function.

Originating from the elevated Bali Islands, where hills are covered with natural kratom farms, this ketum strain is not only potent but also impactful. Users find this kratom type to be a good addition to their nightly routine.

Best Kratom Strains For Experienced users

People who use kratom regularly can use any strain, keeping their dosage in check. According to your mood, requirement and health conditions, you can try various strains to invigorate and stimulate.

If you require focus and alertness for any task, you can have a stimulating strain such as Green Maeng Da, or Kali kratom.

4. Maeng Da Kratom

All three vein types of Maeng Da ketum are usually considered milder and impactful. Regular users often claim they started using this strain initially and felt encouraged to try other kratom types.

Red, green and white Maeng Da is a popular kratom type as it is mild, impactful and easy to find! Every online shop in the United States offers Maeng Da kratom so you will not run out of it any time soon!

This kratom type has fast results, which may be what beginners look out for. A slow-acting strain for a new user might result in irritation or belief that kratom does not work. If you want to maximize impact, you may also try to work on the mode of consumption. One method might suit you more than any other!

For regular users, dosage may be higher than for beginners. Your body becomes acquainted with the various ketum types; hence you can even try a higher dose than usual.

Apart from that, blending two or three types of Speciosa Mitragyna can also work. In contrast, beginners need to get used to the alkaloids, so it is best to stick with one kind of ketum.

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