Kratom CBD Affiliate Program – 15% Commissions

We offer kratom and organic supplements that have become the talk of the town because of quality! Our broad customer base can join us as an affiliate partner and spread the word so that together, we can ensure health and a better lifestyle for everyone!

If you are a blogger, YouTuber, or have your business website, you log on to your work website and link it to the Super Natural Botanicals online store through texts, advertisements, and product links. This partnership will increase the reach of our products and will help your community learn more about the goodness of kratom, CBD oil, and other organic supplements. Once a sale is confirmed, you will earn a portion of it too!


Are affiliate partners supposed to own websites?

No! Any social media page can also work as a great marketing space. You can post links to Super Natural Botanicals on your social media and earn a commission for any purchase. The age limit of affiliate partners also does not matter, as long as they are adults and eligible to join our website.

How much does the affiliate program pay?

The SNB affiliate program is designed generously. You will get 15% of the sale as commission if a purchase is made through your social media page or business website.

The pay period

Super Natural Botanicals offers secure payouts to affiliate partners. You can choose your plan according to the volume of your sales. If you can sell a lot of products and want an early payment, it is possible. However, you can also delay your commission until you feel they are sufficient!

SNB affiliation is free!

You do not have to pay a cent to become our partner! We will provide all the material, and you join the party!

Once you sign up for the affiliate program, you can choose the graphics that suit you most. Since you are the planner of your website or social media page, you can place the link to Super Natural Botanicals anywhere on the page or site. The better your placement of the link, the better business you will get, and the more you earn!

SNB products are:

  • Free of chemicals
  • Pure herbal products
  • Sourced from our partner farmers
  • Made with love and care


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