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Super Natural Botanicals aims to provide superior quality kratom for sale in the US. There are several years of innovation and customer-centric strategy behind our success. We follow unique steps in the processing of kratom leaves and ensures consistency in quality, freshness, and flavor. We ensure that customer care begins from plant cultivation and ends at your doorstep!

The kratom products at SNB is the right pick as we follow ethical consumerism and principles of quality service. We aim to provide not only the best quality kratom on sale but also presents an opportunity to buy natural supplements.

Why Shop Kratom For Sale At Supernatural Botanicals?

Super Natural Botanicals offers Kratom for sale at the most competitive prices. We allows customers to avail all the benefits without burdening their budget. Our free shipping and return policy offer leniency to customers so they can buy various kratom products.

The discounts and offers at our online shop are unmatched. The beginners become regular, and potential customers feel safe with our assurance.

Try our simple website and buy your favorite Kratom products by following simple steps. Your order will reach you within a short time, and you can enjoy some of the best kratom strains for sale in the US!

You can purchase a variety of Kratom strains, including exotic blends and extracts that can provide stimulation and desired euphoric effects. The lab-tested kratom come with a batch number, so our consumers know that their products are safe to use. We follow the GMP standards of packing and adheres to the FDA rules of product management.

SNB is an experience that will change the way consumers buy kratom. Our products are diverse and include various methods of administration. We offer variety, quality, and the goodness of nature that can make your lifestyle active and pleasant as you never imagined it could be!

Kratom for Sale Super Natural Botanicals

Few Reasons to buy Kratom For Sale from Supernatural Botanicals

SNB boasts an extensive range of Kratom products that have earned an unprecedented reputation and appreciation from  Kratom enthusiasts. Be it our powders, capsules, tinctures, extracts, gummies, shots. You name it!

We directly import the finest quality raw kratom from our trusted and established network of farmers in South Asia. We make sure that all cultivation and harvesting are done in pristine, natural conditions in accordance with the GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) guidelines. One of the reasons why SNB has become of the most sought after Kratom brands in the world is because of the intricate GMP-compliant Manufacturing Process which incorporates state-of-the-art equipment, hygiene-conscious gear, and controlled environmental conditions.

Perhaps this is one aspect where we truly outshines from its competitors. Each batch undergoes meticulous screening for purity, potency, and accuracy in accredited, independent laboratories. Here, the products are tested for over 200 distinct pesticides, adulterants, chemical fertilizers, bacteria, mold, and other biological contaminants using cutting-edge technology. What more can you ask for?

Our products are conscientiously packed in world-class packaging facilities to retain its freshness, flavor, and aroma. In addition, the apt customer service and swift shipping have helped SNB rise to the top of the heap of the best-selling kratom companies.

Unlike our competitors who sell low-grade or artificial Kratom in exorbitant rates, we will make sure that you really don’t have to dig a hole in the pocket to make a purchase. Now, 100% pure kratom is available at your disposal at the cheapest prices ever. Not satisfied with the order? No worries. Please return it to us and get your full refund. We promise no questions will be asked.

What Our Customers Are Saying

We are incredibly proud of our wide consumer base that is expanding at an alarming pace ever since our inception. The best part is, most of them are our customers for life. Don't believe it? Try it for yourself! Buy once, and we promise you won't help but keep coming back over and over again.

Read FAQs Before Purchasing Kratom on Sale

Which Kratom strain is best to start with?

For beginners, Green Kratom Strains are the best to start with. These are a more moderate and mild version of the White and Red Breeds and equally stimulating, potent, relaxing, and energizing. The versatile, Green Malay Kratom and Green Maeng Da are ideal choices to start with from the Green family. In contrast, if you prefer a slower strain to administer and monitor the body's response and tolerance to Kratom, you must consider opting for the more subtle varieties like Green Bali or Green Borneo. Newbies must essentially avoid using the White Strains, Kratom extracts, and other Enhanced products as they deliver exceptionally high sedating and powerful effects.

Tip: Newbies must start with low doses ideally 2 grams or below and increase it only gradually if the amount does not suffice.

How to use Kratom?

It is always a good idea to put the myriad health benefits and healing power of Kratom to good and effective use. Consider the crushed leaves or powder as a potent ingredient for any recipe, and you have plenty of options at your disposal. Following are some of them:

  • Toss and wash: The quickest way to ingest Kratom powder is to directly swallow a suitable dose with a big sip of water. This also helps the body to absorb it faster.
  • Kratom Tea: This is an all-time favorite treat for tea addicts and the most widely used method. Scroll down to learn how to brew your perfect cup of Kratom tea.
  • Pre-workout drink: This is an effective way to tap on the energizing benefits of Kratom. All the athletes or gym fanatics can mix the powder in their pre-workout drink and experience an instant boost of energy.
  • Chewing Raw Leaves: For centuries, locals in the native herb regions, were habitual of chewing the fresh or dried kratom leaves (after removing the central vein) to get immediate results. However, this is a relatively tough given the pungent taste of the herb.
  • Kratom Slurry: This is yet another quick and convenient alternative to use Kratom. Add the desired dose of Kratom to a glass of water, stir thoroughly to distribute it evenly, and immediately gulp down the suspension before the residue settles down.
  • Kratom Smoothie, Juice, or Shake: If you can't stand the bitter taste of raw Kratom, you can consider mixing it in a beverage of your choice and making it more palatable. From banana smoothie, pina colada, chocolate milkshake, apple juice, orange slush. You name it. (To avoid lumps or the powder to float on top or settle at the bottom it is recommended to add it while preparing the beverage instead of tossing it in last).
  • Adding it to the Meal: If the above methods don't work, we promise this won't fail. Add kratom powder to your food recipe or even flavored yogurt to remarkably mask the original flavor as well as fragrance. And enjoy all the Kratom health benefits without actually experiencing it.

How to make Kratom tea?

Brewing a piping hot cup of Kratom Tea is super easy yet flavorsome. Let's learn how to make it:

  • a) Preparing Tea From Kratom Powder
    1. Pour a cup of water into the saucepan and heat it (but don't bring it to boil).
    2. Add your dose of kratom powder and stir vigorously until the powder is completely dissolved.
    3. Let it simmer for 15 minutes and switch off the flame.
    4. Add a sweetener of your choice if you don't like the natural bitter taste.
    5. Add an enhancer like lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, pineapple juice, or honey if you wish to enhance the flavor.
    6. Mix thoroughly until the mixture is even.
    7. Stain your tea with a strainer or coffee filter to separate residue that did not dissolve. Your tea is ready to gulp down.
    • b) Preparing Tea from Crushed Leaf

    If you like a clear tea, without that powdery texture, then this alternative is for you. The steps are pretty much the same as above except that you need to add crushed leaves, simmer more thoroughly till around 20 to 30 minutes on a low flame to render a strong flavor, and strain it well. Add an enhancer and a sweeter of your choice and indulge in the pure pleasure of a hot cup of tea on a chilly morning or a cold evening.

    Tip: If hot beverages are not your type, how about a refreshing iced tea perfect to relish on a sunny day? All you have to do is make tea using the steps above and add two teaspoons of honey, ½ cup orange juice, and ½ cup pineapple juice. Stir to form a perfect mixture, let it cool, pour it in a tall glass, toss in some ice, and you are good to go!

    What is the best way to store Kratom?

    Proper and organized storing of Kratom is crucial to preserve the alkaloid content of the herb or, otherwise, loose over time. There are primarily four storage enemies that can harm the quality of the Kratom- eventually making it redundant and ineffective: 1. Humidity 2. Temperature Fluctuations 3. Oxygen 4. UV Light. Therefore one must make sure to expose Kratom product to as little of these four enemies as possible.

    Having said, the storage options of Kratom are many and really boils down on how one plans to use it:

    1. Daily Use: You can conveniently store your Kratom in a cool and dry cabinet away from the direct sunlight in an airtight jar and rest easy knowing that the powder will be just fine.

    2. Later Use: A lot of Kratom enthusiasts prefer bulk buying to use it over an extended period of time. As such, the best storage method is splitting the large quantity into smaller portions and keeping them into airtight bags each to suffice a few days. Again, keep it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and make sure to remove as much air from each bag as possible. Tip: Use a vacuum sealer if you have one.

    3. Kratom Tea: Do you know that a kratom tastes perfectly fine for up to five to seven days when stored in the refrigerator? The only key is to keep it in an airtight container in the back area of the fridge.

    How much does an ounce of Kratom cost?

    At Super Natural Botanicals, an ounce of Kratom is equivalent to 28 grams, and the average price of an ounce costs around $11.95 for powder, $19.9 to $47.95 for capsules and $19.99 to $29.95 for enhanced kratom products.

    What is a Kratom Sample or Variety Pack, and how much you can save with it?

    Kratom Variety packs (or sample packs) make an incredible buy for both, new and the connoisseur users as they contain various strains. So, while the newbies get to try and choose the ideal pressure that works best for their needs, the more experienced ones can enjoy the flavor of several breeds all in one. This, in turn, allows them to enjoy a range of distinct effects and keep kratom tolerance at bay. The tip of the ice-berg is Super Natural Botanicals offers these starter packs in insansely low prices. So, instead of going through the ordeal of shopping, different packages and spending hefty amounts, enjoy the convenience of these all-in-one packs.

    What Kratom products are on sale on your site?

    Super Natural Botanicals offer year-round discounts, promotions, and incentives to its customers. Currently, we have the following items on sale: i. Pure Riau Kratom Powder ii. Green Dragon Kratom Powder iii. Green Bali Kratom Powder iv. Green Vein Sumatra Kratom Powder v. Ecoderm CBD Cream vi. Energy Pack Capsules vii. Red Bentuanguie Kratom Powder viii. Red Vein Sumatra Kratom Powder ix. Red Kalimantan Kratom x. Red Banjar Kratom Subscribe with your Email Id and stay tuned for regular updates and exciting new offers.

    How long will the effects of Kratom Tea last?

    If Kratom Tea is taken on an empty stomach, the effects will typically be felt 30 to 40 minutes after ingestion and 60 to 90 minutes when consumed after having a meal. These effects will then last five to six hours after consumption. Note: Kratom capsules and tablets relatively take longer to dissolve and digest by the stomach, so the onset of effects is delayed.

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