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Is the Kratom at head shops real? Does it deserve a try?

Since you made it to this page, we assume you were searching for ‘The best kratom seller near me‘ or ‘where to shop headshop kratom.’ If you are reading this, you have started your search to find the best quality of Kratom in the United States.

Many potential consumers and beginners find it challenging to find good quality Mitragyna as this botanical does not grow in the country. The Southeast Asian tree Speciosa Mitragyna has used in various products that online shops sell in the United States.

However, if you search for the best kratom vendor near you, many options for online shops and head shops might appear.

You may find hundreds of local vendors, weed, and smoke shops that sell Kratom near you, but there is always a risk of not getting the best quality. Here the online shops come to the rescue. For several reasons, online shops for Kratom in the United States are a popular source and the right one too!

Mitragyna users and manufacturers recommend that you buy from an online shop and not head shop. The reason for this is that head shops do not have a permanent source of Kratom; therefore, the kratom products on sale may be substandard.

Should I buy from online shops only? Do head shops deserve a try? Let’s find out what are the best options for kratom users living in the United States.

Beware of the vendor

In the United States, the FDA does not recognize many organic substances for medicinal properties; hence the production of natural supplements is not regulated. Due to this reason, genuine kratom brands are hard to find. Many potential users find it difficult to search for a vendor that is reliable and authentic.

Mitragyna is a refreshing substance, but if you find the wrong product, it might do more harm than good! Trusting the wrong vendor can be harmful, and all beginners and regular kratom users must properly look for options to find the best kratom source.

Drug stores and pharmacies do not offer kratom products due to FDA regulations. However, you can find kratom products in weed shops and smoke shops. Head shops have many other organic supplements as well, but they do not manufacture those products.

What is the source of kratom products available in head shops? The answer to this is that they may procure Speciosa leaves from the same manufacturers that sell Kratom online, but the freshness and packaging might be subpar.

Kratom available at head shops

Mitragyna products available at head shops in the United States may not be fit for use. This is a common statement that many users will give. What makes kratom refreshing and effective is the alkaloid content.

The leaves of the Mitragyna tree have alkaloids that stimulate the senses and improve focus. The kratom products that work well are the freshest and most active in terms of the alkaloid profile.

If you buy a stale or old kratom product, it will have a low impact when compared to the fresh kratom products available at online stores. In the United States, several online shops sell quality Kratom, and consumers must understand how to spot them.

Several indicators can tell if Mitragyna products are safe and effective. We shall dig a little deeper into that, but you must know how Kratom works to understand the parameters of freshness and efficacy.

What is kratom freshness?

The products you buy from online and local vendors are made from the leaves of mature, juicy leaves of the Mitragyna trees. These leaves are rich in alkaloids, and every kratom plantation location adds to the unique properties of that kratom type. Thai Kratom will have a distinct alkaloid kratom due to the moist soil and climate of that region.

The deep forests of Borneo Island give birth to a unique kratom variation, which has a separate alkaloid profile. The alkaloids in the numerous types of this substance interact with the receptors in our brain.

Our nervous system is stimulated, and the consumer feels refreshed and perked up. The mature leaves are hand-picked and processed under strict supervision to keep the final product fresh, alkaloid-rich, and potent.

If the manufacturer uses old leaves or over-dried leaves, the efficacy of the product will be compromised.

Why buy head shops kratom?

There may be many reasons for an individual to buy Kratom locally instead of ordering online. It can be a sudden urge to use the substance, or it can be an evening out with friends. Kratom is available at various tobacconists and head shops, but is it safe to buy?

If you are from the few people who have no other option but to go to a weed shop or a smoke shop to buy Kratom, you must know the above factors so that you don’t waste your money. Head shop owners do not know much about Kratom and its impact. Therefore, they cannot guide you about a particular strain.

Similarly, due to a lack of knowledge about the plant, the head shop owner might not keep a check on the source of kratom, the date of expiration, or even the packaging standards.

Weed shops and smoke shops often have older batches of kratom products, and they may also have cheaper options for consumers who are not willing to buy large quantities. Online shops sell a monthly supply or products that are not a single dose.

Head shops often indulge in opening up bags of kratom powder to sell single doses or even dividing the capsules and pills into smaller packaging to sell to customers who are interested in a smaller quantity only. Apart from kratom shots, which as a single-time dose, all kratom products at reliable online shops are sold in multiple doses.

Another valid reason for people going to head shops is that in recent years, many online shops stopped credit and debit card transactions. Several potential users now rely on buying kratom products from a shop nearby.

Numerous online shops accept cryptocurrencies, BitCoin, CashApp, and other modes of money transfers. So, consumers who like convenience head down to a weed shop to buy Kratom in small pouches while they can comfortably pay hard cash or use a credit card.

Online shops take a few days to deliver the order, and if a consumer feels that it is taking too long, they might want to drive to a nearby head shop and buy kratom products enough in quantity to last till their stock arrives.

If consumers feel the necessity to visit a head shop, they must try to recognize the few ergonomic indicators, which we discussed below.

Head shops Vs. Online shops for Kratom

Buying Kratom from online shops is the best way to go as the shops ensure ethical consumerism and follow all the GMP standards for packaging and shipping. If you are still wondering what makes online kratom shopping more viable, here is something you can ponder. Transparency means a lot!

However, if due to some circumstance you have to go to a head shop for your kratom feed, you must ensure that the kratom product you buy is fresh. Head shops are not as particular as online shops when it comes to freshness and quality.

Online shops for Kratom in the United States need to be honest about their products. The laws of our country make it essential for online vendors to lay every step of production and component of their products out so that customers are aware.

When you buy from head shops, there are many things to consider about the quality of kratom. Especially if you purchase kratom edibles like brownies and drinks like smoothies, you cannot tell whether the kratom in that item is pure.

The danger of consuming stale or expired botanical substances is much more severe than most customers anticipate. Moreover, head shops do not take responsibility for the reaction or adverse impact a customer may experience due to subpar Mitragyna powder in the products.

Trustworthy online vendors will offer free sample packs and trial packs to allow customers to choose their favorite strain. Additionally, buyers can avail coupons, discounts, and vouchers to facilitate the better purchase. In case a customer is not satisfied with their kratom strain, they can apply for a refund or exchange.

On the contrary, head shops do not offer any refund or exchanges, which also causes some suspicion about the kratom product’s freshness and sale value. In a nutshell, there are following pros and cons of buying Kratom from head shops:


  • Contact the vendor: You can ask all kinds of questions about the product and can see the product before paying for it.
  • In-store deals and secure credit card transactions.
  • Edibles and variety of getting kratom-combined products such as coffee, tea, and smoothies. You can even request a product of your choices, such as chocolate shakes or Kratom with fruit juice.


  • Dubious purity.
  • Higher prices.
  • No discretion or privacy.
  • Possible contamination and lack of quality.

How much does the head shop kratom cost?

Head shop kratom is always more expensive than online shops. You can buy from a head shop when you have to, but the cost of a one-time kratom feed will be more than the value of your regular kratom feed if you buy from an online shop. The kratom online shops in the United States are economical as they offer bulk purchases and offer monthly packs of various kratom strains.

How to recognize the quality of kratom products

Apart from the vendor credibility, there can be several checks that may tell whether the kratom product is safe and effective or not.

Taste: Ideally, fresh kratom is bitter and has a herbal taste. If the product has a dusty or nasty taste, it is contaminated and unsafe.

Smell: The aroma of Kratom is deep and earthy, and the product’s dust and fungal growth might change this smell.

Feeling: As you rub the kratom powder between your fingers, it will be separated and dry. The clumpy and moist powder is contaminated and unsafe.

Color: The color of various types of Kratom are slightly different depending on the vein color. However, a very different shade of the kratom powder or any other product might indicate inactive alkaloids and stale substance.

Batch number on the pack shows the production date for every item that a reliable and trustworthy manufacturer makes. If the Batch number and production date are old, and if you passed the ‘best before’ date, then your kratom supplement is unsafe and ineffective.

Laboratory tests are a must for all the products so that consumers are aware of the alkaloid content and other components. These tests also declare the safety and efficacy of the product.


Kratom online shops are an ideal choice as these shops ensure ethical consumerism and quality of products. Consumers can buy from head shops near them as well, but they must know how to recognize the quality of kratom products they purchase.

We cannot recommend head shop purchases as the better choice since they are expensive and impractical. There is no after-sales responsibility, like refunds or exchanges. Therefore, online shops for Kratom are a better option for consumers.

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