Lab Testing & Quality Control

Every batch of Super Natural kratom products is always tested for Salmonella, E-coli, yeast/mold, and heavy metals. Although we source leaves powder from a high altitude and state of the art facilities in Southeast Asia, we still do independent lab analysis of every batch from Sora Labs.

We only use the hand harvested fresh juicy leaves to produce the highest grade of Kratom, fit for the tea lovers.

February Lab Test Report – 2/22/2021

SNB Feb. 2021

April Lab Test Report – 4/27/2020

supernatural botanicals lab test report
CBD Lab testing

Supernatural Botanicals Setting The Standards For Excellence!

Today, many suppliers are resorting to mal-practices to inflate the quantity while compromising the quality. Therefore, you must not settle for anything but the highest quality when it comes to buying botanicals.

With widespread discrepancies in Standard Operating Procedures in the herbal industry, SNB is at the forefront of revolutionizing and raising the bar for the quality of the products. To achieve this end, we invest a great deal of money, resources, and efforts to produce pure CBD tincture and Kratom-rich products. A special shout out to our team who provide remedies to natural wellness seekers.

Core Quality Values

Following we have listed the five core values that help our team produce the world’s top-shelf quality herbal products all the while contributing to a better planet:

  • To ethically source 100% natural Kratom and CBD extracts from the best farms in the world.
  • To implement Fair Trade Policies to empower small farmers.
  • To never add chemicals, fillers or artificial ingredients.
  • To test each batch from accredited, Third-party labs for quality and consistency.
  • To offer a 100% money-back guarantee if the product fails to meet the customer’s satisfaction.

Our Quality Practices

Our commitment to quality covers everything we do. Right from the moment the seeds are sown until the product is delivered at your door, we strive to render an exceptional experience every step of the way. Let’s have a close look at our stringent quality control measures that guarantee the products are unadulterated:

  1. Safe yet wholesome CBD and Kratom products are directly imported from the most reliable farms in South Asia.
  2. All plantations are grown in a protective environment by expert farmers in accordance with the GAP (Good Agricultural Practices).
  3. Only the most mature leaves or flowers are hand-picked by discerning workers to make up for the most potent product.
  4. The collection is then re-checked and all rotten or dried leaves accidentally mixed-in are discarded.
  5. Only the leaves or flowers are sent for further processing. No veins, no stems, or artificial ingredients are added. So, rest easy knowing that you will get 100% pure leaf or flower product.
  6. The entire collection is then cleaned, sterilized in pure water and dried in-doors in dehydrator trays.
  7. Next, processing and grinding are performed in clean and hygienic manufacturing units with controlled environmental conditions.
  8. The raw extracts are tested from independent labs to trace the presence of any chemicals, mold, residual solvents, heavy metals, potential microbial life, or pesticides.
  9. All products are securely sealed to preserve their potency, aroma, and flavor in state-of-the-art packaging facilities.
  10. Finally, every single batch that leaves our production house has a full set of third-party Certificate of Analysis attached to it (made available on demand).
  11. All products are then instantly shipped to ensure perfect freshness.

A One-Stop Shop For All Sustainably-Grown and Responsibly-Sourced Super Natural Botanicals!

So, please don’t give it a second thought!

Shop from us with absolute confidence knowing that our products receive the care and attention which the CBD and kratom online enthusiasts demand.

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