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It is common knowledge that a plant’s properties are directly dependent on the type of land where it grows. Well, the same goes for Kratom strains. The land, climate, and moisture play a key role in determining the strain’s type and quality. In order to know about the green Riau Kratom, we’ll first have to analyze what the Riau strain is and why it has become so popular in the western market in recent years.

The Origin of Riau Kratom

The origin of Riau links back to Indonesia, the country known for producing some of the finest and highly potent Mitragyna strains in the world. Also known as Sumatra back in the days, this specific Speciosa strain mainly grows in Riau, a small province located on the southeastern coast of Sumatra Island, Indonesia. That’s where it gets its name “Sumatra Kratom“.

The fertile land and the moist climate of the Island serve as an effective source of fertilization resulting in substantial growth of the plant. Mitragyna grown in this region is considered to be the best quality in the world.

What is Green Riau Kratom?

Green Riau strain is harvested in the form of mature Kratom leaves from rainforests in the midst of Indonesia, which is why it’s considered special due to its vibrant tang and sweet aroma. The strain quickly becomes a popular choice among people who are just starting with this mysterious herbal plant.

However, some people might not know enough about this particular strain, as it has made a quite recent entry into the market.

The variant gets its name due to its green vein texture on its leaves, which indicates a high potency of alkaloids present in the plant. Owing to high alkaloid levels, the green strain can be more effective than other herbal ones. However, its effects might last for a shorter period compared to the other types of Speciosa plants.

Chemical Composition of Green Riau Ketum

Speciosa grown in the Sumatra island has higher alkaloid levels than most other strains. This is mainly due to the humid climate and fertile soil of the land where it is produced. Rainforests are deemed as an ideal habitat for the proper growth of this precious herbal strain.

Presence of Alkaloids

The green Riau strain mainly includes many biological compounds, including 7-Hydroxymitragynine, 9-Hydroxycorynantheidine, Speciofoline, Mitraversine, Mitrafoline, Mitragynine, and Isomitraphylline. The presence of these alkaloids makes this strain more potent and effective than the others.


Since the FDA has not approved kratom, no directions regarding this therapeutic herb’s dosage have been prescribed by the authorities. Consequently, kratom enthusiasts took it upon themselves to determine the proper doses of each strain. A small dosage of 1.5 to 2.0 grams is ideal for beginners. Such little doses only cause energy elevation in the buyer. Using an intermediate dose (3.0 to 3.5 grams), on the other hand, can stir up some action in the body and cause relaxation.

According to enthusiasts, a dosage of 5 grams is ideal for veteran-level users. Because of the green Riau strain’s enhanced potency, it isn’t good to consume higher doses of above 7 grams of this strong variant because it can cause high human body feelings.

Ways to Take

Just like any other strain, the green Riau Kratom can be tested in many ways. The powdered form of the plant can be taken as a tea to enjoy its long-lasting effect. Experience enthusiasts can devour it by simply tossing the powder at the back of their mouth and then guzzling it down their throat with water. Kratom capsules enable easy intake of the herb. These capsules are commonly used by people who are just starting out or in case they dislike the taste of the powder. Some people prefer taking the powder along with juice, which helps in minimizing its bitter flavor.


Green Riau Kratom is highly potent due to some of the purest alkaloids present in it. The enrichment of these bio-components in the plant is mainly due to the Indonesian rainforests’ environmental factors. The green Riau powder has a sweet taste and a pleasant aroma, making it ideal for beginners. Its effects, however, can vary from person to person. Smaller doses may satisfy some people, while others might have to take bigger chunks to enjoy its effects truly.

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