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  • This unique strain “White Riau Kratom” has a micronized consistency that makes it different from other clumpy Kratom powders.
  • It has a pleasant taste, unlike the other strains of Kratom.
  • Although it is rare, it is not as expensive as the other strains.
  • Riau has a mixture of active alkaloids and flavonoids that allows it to be useful in managing pain, anxiety, and insomnia.
  • Unlike other Kratom strains, an average user requires a small dosage of the Riau White Kratom to feel the effects of Kratom.
  • Riau Kratom powder provides effects similar to those offered by the mixture of Green and Red leaf veins.
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Green Vietnam Kratom hails from the fertile and mineral-rich land of Vietnam. It is a mild potent herb that comes from the family of Vietnam strains that include the Red, White, and Yellow variants apart from the green one. This plant has been here in this region, aging back to the prehistoric era, but recently it has seen a significant rise in its demand in the western world.

This “MAGICAL” Speciosa is consumed in different forms like powder or capsule or raw extracts. Due to the multiple benefits offered by the herb with minimal side effects, it is considered the first choice of many who want to consume only pure, organic health boosters. To state the truth, this variant of Mitragyna is a lot better than traditional harmful steroids, which most people consume to remain healthy and fit.

Where did the Herb Originate From?

Like most other variants, the name “Green Vietnam Kratom” also originated from its central homeland, Vietnam. There is no evidence till now about the person who named it, and that doesn’t really matter since the plant is mainly known for its benefits more than its name.

This beneficial strain is cultivated in Vietnam’s fertile land in An Giang Province near the Mekong river, a very mineral-rich area. It is also known for the cultivation of several other Kratom strains. These include the Red, White, and Yellow Vietnam plants.

Some of the commonly known benefits are briefly explained in the context below:

Characteristics of the Green Vietnam Kratom 

Lighter Version of Mitragyna

As compared to its associates, the Green variant is considered lighter than any other in the family. The strain is a combination of Red and White and hence has fewer to no side effects, making it a viable choice for consumers compared to other health-boosting strains. It is often consumed in small doses, which leaves some light and pleasant effects on the body.

Combination Of Two Plants

The variant is a cross-breed of Red and White Kratom, so it has some qualities of both plants, making it more potent and an ultimate better choice.


The Vietnam Kratom is renowned for boosting effects which renders the consumers capable of performing their everyday tasks with ease and without getting tired. In a nutshell, the Green Vietnam Kratom is a perfect choice for anyone looking for a boost to rejuvenate their soul and go about their day at their maximum capacity.

Confidence Builder

Native to all other strains, the Green Vietnam strain also retains the quality of boosting confidence. It boasts one’s confidence by releasing feel-good chemicals into the body that helps a person regain their strength and spirit. So, if you are afraid you might not do so well in that presentation, just toss and wash some of the powder of the plant in the discussion and watch yourself rock the stage easily!

Has a Heavenly Smell

The green Vietnam variant is especially known for its fresh leaves aroma that is enchanting enough to make you want to keep smelling it over and over again. The plant also has a bitter-sweet taste that you can enhance with something that kills the powder’s bitterness. Strong tea with the Vietnam powder as its main constituent makes for a delicious smelling cup enough to take away a tiring day.

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