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Buy CBD Hemp Flower

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Super Natural Botanicals brings you the full spectrum high-CBD flowers that are not only rich in cannabidiol but also a great source of relaxation, improved moods, and uplifting your spirits to keep you motivated. The CBD buds have a high value of flavonoids, terpenes, and other components that lift your spirits and prepare you for the day!

What is CBD Flower?

The cannabis plant has a lot of beneficial cannabinoids, and CBD is a known source of goodness. The bud of the hemp plant is a rich source of cannabidiol and all other cannabinoids and terpenes.

We all know that the cannabis plant has a variety of marijuana and hemp, which further have classifications of Sativa, Indica, Hybrid, and Ruderalis. The female plant of the Cannabis Sativa is our source for the CBD buds that have a perfect blend of all the components of the hemp plant.

The distinguishing factor between all these classifications is that the Sativa flowers have more CBD and less THC. We use this base to offer our users the best of nature, to yield the best of results!

A CBD bud or CBD flower is the flower of the female plant of the Sativa Cannabis plant and has the right amount of CBD and a limited amount of THC. This typical definition can help users understand why the buds are considered a great source for CBD, without crossing the 0.3% THC level, prescribed by health organizations.

Since there is a regulation of less than 0.3% THC in all hemp products in the United States, the hemp flower becomes a natural ingredient for CBD products. The hemp buds are used in various products to vape, smoke, or consume as edibles.

What Type of CBD Buds You Can Find at Super Natural Botanicals?

Rich in cannabidiol, the hemp bud is of two types — male and female. We use the female buds of the Sativa cannabis plant to ensure the right amount of CBD and other cannabinoids for all users. The buds are medium to large sizes, from 3.5 grams to 1oz. We handpick the best raw materials to ensure quality and excellent results. The flavors of the CBD flowers are sweet and funky, which makes them an ideal purchase for all those who pay attention to the taste of all-natural supplements they consume.

The color of CBD buds is green, and the structure is firm with an aroma that seems sweet and earthy. We assure you that once you try our high CBD hemp flowers, you will want to order again! The CBD buds are a perfect balance of stimulation and relaxation while they perk up your senses, so you make the most of the day and enjoy being yourself.

How to Use CBD Hemp Flower?

Most commonly, these buds are used for vaping and smoking. Some people also consume the bud in solid form or by infusing it in oil or warm water. Tea can be a right way of consuming CBD buds and experiencing the goodness of all components of the natural substance. However, an interesting fact about the vapes made with CBD bud is that it has higher bio-availability, making it an ideal way of consumption.

Edibles are no less and are much more fun! These days you can find edibles such as brownies, gummies, smoothies, and beverages that are enjoyable ways of consuming CBD buds. The CBD buds at Super Natural Botanicals are fun and offer a great deal of relaxation and elevation!

Why buy CBD flowers from Super Natural Botanicals?

Super Natural Botanicals offers quality at an economical price and the CBD buds are no exception to this commitment! At our online shop, you will find fresh, clean and safe to use CBD flowers at an economical price. The cost per gram of the rich and effective CBD buds comes out to be better than what you will get at other shops or local vendors.

The CBD buds are washed, cleansed and then dried in sunlight to remove any chance of algae traces. Our air-tight and moisture-proof bags ensure that your CBD dosage remains fresh and aromatic, so you feel the relaxation and energy boost with every dosage!

You can shop CBD flowers through our website in easy steps and pay for your order over a secure link. We ship out all parcels as soon as we receive payment. The USPS and UPS shipping ensures that you receive your order within three working days. However, if you wish a faster delivery, you can opt for the express service, which will get your CBD buds to you within two working days.

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