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Super Kratom Tablets (50ct)

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Upholding the mission of providing quality, innovation, and care, Super Natural Botanicals introduces a new form of kratom! The kratom tablets are the best way to go since they are easy to consume and are absorbed into the bloodstream quicker than other forms of the botanical substance. Users have welcomed the new kratom supplement for sale, and you can check some happy reviews! We strive to think of new ways to improve your health. This concern and motto is why we have brought the new Super Natural Botanical kratom tablets! These tablets are now gaining popularity as the best kratom tablets available online!

  • 750mg/tablet
  • Available in 8 strains

Zion Herbals 80% MIT Extract Tabs (3ct)


Rather than a pill or a powder, this kratom comes in an easy-to-consume 3 count chew tab that you can take whenever you need potential relief. It also contains 80% kratom extract, making this the most powerful Kratom tablet available.

Recommended: 1 tablet per dose

Mitragyna Speciosa, despite all its therapeutic and healing benefits, is notorious for its unpleasant aroma and taste. Unless you are a steadfast enthusiast, taking it raw or trying the toss and wash method can be a bad choice.

What makes you wonder about your best option for Kratom purchase and intake. There is nothing to worry about because there are tons of other ways you can take your precious powder. Adding specific doses to your everyday drinks, smoothies and teas is a common practice. However, if you want to let go of the hassle of measuring the dosage altogether, kratom tablets could be your way out.

What are Kratom Tablets?

Kratom tablets have gained quite a reputation among enthusiasts these past few years. Tablets are manufactured by compressing medicinal powders of a set amount, chemicals, and binding agents under high pressure. The high pressure offers cohesion among tablet particles and helps in maintaining the shape of the tablet.

Kratom tablets are formed by a similar manufacturing process. Only natural binders are added to the powder to keep the purity of the substance to the maximum. Manufacturers, on behalf of medical experts and researchers, determine the right dosage for each pill. This makes it easier for beginners who are thinking of experiencing the magical effects of this herb. Plus you can take them on the go or to your workplace without much hassle.

The Manufacturing Process

There is a lot more to tablet manufacturing than what meets the eye. The tablets are manufactured with ultimate care and professionalism, from plucking out leaves from the farm to the packaging phase. At Supernatural Botanicals, we source kratom leaves from pure organic farms. The leaves are then dried, crushed, and grind, all in a hygienic environment. Before being compressed into tablets, powdered kratom is clinically tested in well-equipped laboratories to ensure the highest quality.

Only the high-grade powder is selected for tablet manufacturing. Tablets are formed through a special binding process. As Mitragyna in its pure form lacks enough cohesion required for tablet formation. This is why certain binding agents are added to ensure a permanent tablet state.

We use all-natural binders to produce pills such as starch, gelatin, Microcrystalline cellulose. These binders provide enough cohesion and minimize the powder’s awful taste without disturbing the effects of the herb.

Kratom Tablets vs. Kratom Capsules

Both tablets and capsules are considered popular Kratom consumption methods. Both carry set amounts of dosages and use special components for sheltering the pungent taste of the powder. Still, some differences place one over the other.

Although capsules have better purity than tablets that carry external binding agents, they hold a slower initial onset. Capsules take time to dissolve in the stomach, delaying the effectivity process fully.

Tablets, on the other hand, are no doubt less potent in consumption. However, they allow you to feel the effects of the powder instantly after consumption. Not to mention you can always cover up the potency by increasing the dosage.

Bottom Line

Super Kratom tablets are available in a wide variety of strains at SNB, all of which are top-quality extracts. The tablets have a prescribed dosage advantage and have a faster tendency to kick in. But keep in mind that the effects truly depend on factors like age, tolerance, and body weight. So select your favorite strain and enjoy whenever, wherever.

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