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Full Spectrum Kratom Tincture

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Our kratom tincture is masterfully blended from a mixture of Red, Green and White vein foliage. The combo allows kratom’s versatility to shine through energy, enjoyment, focus, and relaxation are just a few drops away.

Each vial of Supernatural kratom tincture contains the essence and active ingredients of 100g of concentrated raw leaf! So what are you waiting for?

Grab a bottle, and you’re ready to go practically anywhere and anytime.


Not a big fan of swallowing Kratom tablets or powder? Tinctures are the next best trend, offering a great alternative to traditional capsules or powders. Let’s take a deep dive into their world and learn everything about them.

What is a Kratom Tincture?

Kratom tincture is simply a liquid form of concentrated extracts from the raw leaves using an alcohol-based solvent. Mostly pure ethanol combined with other organic substances such as water is used.

The alcohol enhances the potency and keeps the alkaloid content intact, which can otherwise be destroyed if proper care and professional techniques aren’t employed. This explains why tinctures are the most potent and effective way of experiencing the benefits—just the way you want.

Today there are several different kinds of Kratom Tinctures hitting the market classified into two categories:

  • Raw Kratom Tincture
  • Other Herbs Tinctures

Both come in either full-spectrum or isolated form.

What is a Full-spectrum Tincture?

While shopping for tinctures, you will probably hear these two terms; full-spectrum and isolated. Let’s see what on earth they are?

Each Kratom leaf consists of over 40 distinct alkaloids. Hence, the full-spectrum tinctures are the alkaloid-rich liquid form of Kratom that contains all or most of alkaloids present in the leaves. The alkaloids synergize to offer a superior experience that is closer to natural Kratom.

What is an Isolated Tincture?

In contrast, the isolated tinctures feature altered alkaloid composition achieved through specialized techniques. As such, they constitute high concentrations of a particular alkaloid(s), for example, more Mitragynine or more 7-hydroxymitragynine. They are much more expensive to produce and purchase due to the complicated procedures involved. 

Whether you buy a full-spectrum or an isolated tincture, both intend to preserve and enhance natural Kratom’s existing qualities and potency.

Are Kratom Tinctures Legal To Use and Buy Online?

When it comes to buying Mitragyna products, the legality is the real thorn in the side of Kratom users. And rightly so. The current laws are pretty much confusing, especially if you’re new to the industry.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has decided not to regulate the use of Kratom. This implies that neither any government body keeps a check nor guarantees the quality, safety, or purity of the products available in shops or online. The move intends to demotivate people from buying and shopping Kratom products

 In addition, besides being legal at the Federal Level, some six states have completely banned their people from buying, selling, or using it. 

These are:

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Indiana
  • Rhode Island
  • Vermont
  • Wisconsin

Does Kratom Tincture get you high?

Do you love tinctures but dread the mind-boggling aftermath? Despite being known for its relaxing, euphoric, and clear-headed impact, the good news is that it isn’t a psychoactive or intoxicating plant. So, Speciosa, in any shape or form, will neither get you high nor lend any mind-altering impact.

How is Kratom Tincture Made?

As discussed earlier, tinctures are alcohol-based extracts. Hence, the first and foremost ingredient we need to start (after raw Kratom powder or leaves, of course) is ethyl alcohol. Every 4 ounces of powder requires 1 liter of alcohol. Also, one needs to crush leaves into a fine powder. After mixing the two ingredients, it’s time to introduce citric acid into the mixture until the pH reaches 4. Mix well, seal the jar, and leave it in a cool, dry place for at least a week. Strain the mixture to remove any unwanted powder and then evaporate the liquid using a fine mesh or a cheesecloth for 3 to 4 days until half of the initial quantity remains. This ensures that all the excess alcohol is removed and the tincture reaches its desired consistency and purity. 

The process, though straightforward, is pretty time-consuming. So, if you can’t wait to get your hands on the absolute best tinctures, place your online order for the SNB ones today.

What are the different strengths available in Kratom Tincture?

Tinctures are available in various concentrations ranging from 250 mg to 1000 mg of Kratom per bottle. However, the three most common ones are:

  1. 250 mg
  2. 500 mg
  3. 1000 mg

For each of these, the concentration per drop varies depending on the size of the bottle.

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