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Supernatural Botanicals proudly offers the popular kratom tinctures and kratom shots, a premium kratom extract in a convenient liquid form. Each bottle contains a pre-measured dosage of potent kratom extract, providing a quick and efficient way to experience the benefits of kratom. Known for its high-quality and powerful formulation, liquid kratom shot delivers a potent and consistent experience. With its convenient packaging, it is perfect for those seeking a fast and reliable kratom solution. Now you can buy MIT 45, Lit Culture, Viva zen, K shot, and OPMS Kratom shots at SNB, and that too for the lowest price possible, without compromising the quality.

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Full Spectrum Kratom Tincture

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How To Take Liquid Kratom Tincture Shots?

If you would like to use kratom tincture drops, start by measuring your desired dosage using a dropper. Place the drops under your tongue and let them sit for 1-2 minutes before swallowing. Some people prefer mixing their doses with juice or water to avoid an unpleasant taste. It doesn’t matter if you take these on an empty stomach or after eating; however, it’s best to wait 30 minutes before and after taking them to achieve optimal absorption of the product. Begin with a lower dose and then gradually increase when needed.

Experience the pleasure of smooth and quality-grade liquid Kratom shots today!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Kratom tincture is a liquid extract from steeping crushed or powdered plant leaves in alcohol or water-based solvent. The resulting solution is concentrated and more potent than regular powder. People often use liquid kratom extracts for faster-acting and more potent effects. You will feel energized and relaxed with a small amount of the liquid extract shot.

The full-spectrum tinctures are the alkaloid-rich liquid form of Kratom that contains most alkaloids in the leaves. The alkaloids synergize to offer a superior experience closer to the natural plant.

The isolated liquid kratom extracts feature altered alkaloid composition achieved through specialized techniques. As such, they constitute high concentrations of particular alkaloids, for example, more Mitragynine or more 7-hydroxymitragynine. They are much more expensive to produce and purchase due to the complicated procedures involved.

Kratom liquid tincture can be easily purchased in states where the plant is legal. However, although it is legal at the federal level, six states, namely Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin, have completely banned the purchase, sale, or use of Kratom.

Some people have reported feeling a euphoric sensation after taking kratom tincture. Many users experience an enjoyable and powerful effect from taking these liquid shots.

If you don't want to wait for the time-consuming process of making a kratom tincture, you can buy it already made from SNB online. To make your own, start by crushing Kratom leaves or powder into fine particles and mixing them with ethyl alcohol in a ratio of 1 liter per 4 ounces. Add citric acid until the pH reaches 4, then store in a cool, dry place for at least one week before straining out any solid material and allowing the liquid to evaporate over 3-4 days so that half of its original quantity remains - this ensures purity and desired consistency.

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