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Kratom at wholesale prices are always more desirable for all customers as it helps them save money and be easy in their pockets. If you love the wonderful effects of medicinal plant products, Supernatural Botanicals is definitely the store for you.

You can buy Kratom powders, Akuamma seeds, Kava from Supernatural Botanicals at wholesale price even if you are a retail customer.

If you purchase products frequently from our store, you can avail regular discount and get into our wholesale program.

We are not like other vendors that sell Kratom wholesale products only to tobacco shops and other bulk buyers, we gives the retail customer this incredible advantage.

If you become a regular customer, you will be rewarded with the products at wholesale prices. It helps you stay mentally and physically fit without spending too much.

Excellent quality and freshness of kratom is what makes it useful and powerful. The issue with online shopping is that many times you cannot decide if you can trust the vendor. Buying bulk kratom online can be an ordeal if the shop is not reliable. Super Natural Botanicals is known for the fresh, effective and quality kratom and other natural botanicals.

Are you a bulk user?

You don’t have to be a kratom user to order our innovative products. You can buy for friends, a shop, for selling to others or for simply ensuring substantial stock for rainy days! For all those looking to purchase bulk kratom and other natural products, there is only one option for quality!

Buying wholesale is not recommended by the majority of users. The reasons are many: it’s not fresh, it doesn’t allow you to try different kinds of natural products, and it gets boring! But with our clients, we see a different trend…they love Super Natural Botanicals products and the more, the better!

Super Natural Botanicals at a vape shop or head shops

Our distinct product line has made its place among the top vendors. Now our wholesale purchase feature can allow head shop and vape shops owners to offer our products to their customers! If you run a vape shop, try the different dietary supplements and offer your visitors to enjoy a wider variety! CBD shops and cafes can also benefit from wholesale kratom at reasonable prices to cater to a more significant segment, who will love the kratom supply as much as CBD!

Our customers prefer wholesale, so they can enjoy a bigger bag by paying less. A strong bond with customers is what sets our standards above the rest. When you wish to buy wholesale kratom or other supplements, you can rely on our services!

Our kratom comes from plantations in Southeast Asia. We process it after filtering the best plants and grinding them to smooth texture for your convenience.

Our quick shipping will get your economical purchase of wholesale botanicals to you. So when you open your bag, it never fails to give you the pleasure of receiving the best natural products. Here are a few reasons why Super Natural Botanicals should be the first choice:

Saving money

When you order in bulk, it costs you less, but the additional shipping charges often fill the gap! SNB will never charge you extra for ordering more! You can relax and order your favorite kratom powder, capsules, kava, or any other product without a worry!


Out of the vast range of products at Supernatural Botanicals, you can choose any for wholesale purchase! We have no restrictions, and there are no conditions! Usually, online stores offer discounted wholesale on items that are not sold over time. You don’t have to worry as we offer wholesale kratom online all year round.

Save time

When you log on to the Super Natural Botanicals website, you can choose your favourite product and order it in simple steps. As soon as your payment is received, your order is on its way to you! You can receive your natural products within three working days, and it’ll be fresh and competent!


You won’t have to look for different organic substances in different places! We offer convenience with quality. You can order your supplements in bulk without worrying about freshness or efficacy.

Are you a regular customer of Kratom products? If yes, you should buy at our store. Our money back guarantees and customer service is the additional highlights that make our wholesale program so useful for customers.

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