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Mike Tyson Delta 8 Bites


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Tyson Delta 8 THC Mike Bites 500mg

Let’s supercharge your chill game with juicy delta 8 Mike Tyson bites. Each Tyson Mike Bites Delta 8 pouch is loaded with a wholesome 500mg of Delta 8 THC. You get a whopping 25mg of Delta 8 and natural terpenes per ear-shaped bite that is super tasty and delivers a knockout experience.

Product Description:

  • Delta 8 THC Gummies
  • 20 Gummies Per Pouch
  • 25mg Delta 8 Per Gummy (500mg Per pouch)
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23 July - 26 July
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Our Mike Tyson Delta 8 Bites are a must-have for a reason. It delivers a smooth and clean high that relaxes your body and mind. Users report an overall feel-good vibe that adds to a whole productive day.

For all those craving on-the-go relaxation, these affordable Mike Tyson Delta 8 bites are a true treasure, priced at just $25.99. That’s the price you won’t get anywhere, so take advantage of our made-for-you offer and buy premium quality Delta 8 Bites.

How to use Mike Tyson Bites Delta 8?

Open the pouch and grab one ear-shaped Mike Tyson Delta 8 gummy. Chew it slowly, and enjoy the burst of natural terpene flavors. Make sure you chew the bite deliberately and take your time. Now wait 15-20 mins – the usual time for the effects to kick in.

Grab the Mike Tyson Bites Delta 8 pack now, and let your chill game begin! We are not raving about it; the hype is quite real – check out the Mike Tyson Delta 8 reviews and see how the users are making the most out of these worth-it yet potent bites.

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Mike Tyson Delta 8 Bites
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